Monday, June 29, 2020

First attempt at Static Grass

I am stating to try scenery on my layout.  I am stating the area by my model of the Thermos company factory on the south side of Norwich.  I have used Homasote  in this are and it is dead flat. To give the track work  bit of definition I carved "roadbed" into the Homasote.  It was fairly quick and easy to do.  I used a new blade in a utility knife that is is used in dry-walling.

You can see my carved ditches, as well as the handle of my knife.  Not perfect,
but it breaks up the complete flatness.

My wife gave me an electrostatic flocking machine for Christmas a couple of years ago and I finally got it out to use it.  (She calls it a grass shouter, which sounds much more fun.)  I followed the guidelines that Chris A. spelled out on his blog, xxxxx  I am pretty happy with the results.  I still have a bunch of things to do , but it is moving in the right direction.