Friday, June 29, 2018

More FA's

I have been getting the hang of weathering with Pan Pastels and I really enjoy working with them.  I decided to do a set of the green FA's and they look a little more worn torn as they have not seen the paint shop in a number of years, unlike the McGinnis units.  The deferred maintenance is starting to take its toll on the units and oil leaks are staring to show up.  I used linseed oil to simulate the oil leak and full spillage on the models.  I learned that trick from a Mike Confalone Video.

Oil Leak on this one

A nice hard working grungy look to the set. That Chateau Martin cars needs to be
toned down!  I may make that one of my next projects.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


On Monday Rapido announced they are producing Alco RS-11 in many variations: NH, PC, CR and LV are all in the first run among others.  They are also producing the MLW RS-18 and Tempo passenger train.  Both CN and CP RS-18's often made into New England on the Central Vermont and the CP lines.  All the locomotives will have the correct details for each railroad.

Of course I am only two detail parts away from finishing my Atlas RS-11.

Nearly complete Atlas RS-11

I need to add drop steps and the brake chain guides.  I have already modified the cab window on the fireman side, added Hancock air whistles, steam generator vent and stack, train control box with the extended walkway over it.  I have also used modified an Atlas fuel tank form and Atlas RS4/5.  I may also replace the actual handrails with brass wire as the Atlas ones are very clunky.  I would retain the Atlas stanchions.  I only need one or two for the layout so I am on the fence on ordering one of those lovely Rapido units.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

New Haven Railroad County Parlor cars

When the New Haven Railroad purchased it's new stainless steel cars after WWII, part of the order were for a 20 combination Parlor-Baggage cars.  They were delivered in two basic layouts, but these were later modified on some of the cars.  I am not sure if Rapido will make these cars and I really wanted a pair of them for the East Wind trains.  I decided to combine (pun intended) a Rapido car and a set of E&B Valley Car Works sides to create these cars.  I have some photos to show how I went about it.

Here are the incorrectly painted Penn Central coaches that I used to create my Parlor.
A better starting point would to use an unnamed Parlor from Rapido

I removed the sides, but saved the vestibule doors on the end of the car with the
 most vents.  This keeps the doors consistent with other Rapido cars.

The first side removed.

The E&B Valley Car with the skirting and vestibule door removed.
I used Model Flex Red/Orange for the strip and Tamiya Mica Silver
is a close match to the Rapid silver paint.

Here is the unmodified interior from a Rapido Parlor car. You need to remove most of
the seat and then remove the the blue floor and turn it 180 degrees.  The steps must
also be removed from one end and installed in the other.

This show you the major components prior to assembly.  I had to move
some of the vents around to match the prototype.  I did use some
vents from Custom Finishing.  The name boards on the side of the car
are made from .005 styrene. 

you need a door for the baggage end of the car, I used a door from the bulkhead of the
old E&B valley car.  I sealed the window with a piece of styrene.  The door
was then glued to the Rapido vestibule.

Here is a diagram of the cars as delivered.