Friday, June 29, 2018

More FA's

I have been getting the hang of weathering with Pan Pastels and I really enjoy working with them.  I decided to do a set of the green FA's and they look a little more worn torn as they have not seen the paint shop in a number of years, unlike the McGinnis units.  The deferred maintenance is starting to take its toll on the units and oil leaks are staring to show up.  I used linseed oil to simulate the oil leak and full spillage on the models.  I learned that trick from a Mike Confalone Video.

Oil Leak on this one

A nice hard working grungy look to the set. That Chateau Martin cars needs to be
toned down!  I may make that one of my next projects.


  1. Nice job. I like the dust below the sand fills, and the oil leaks.

    Was that a real paint job on the Chateau Martin car?


  2. It is a real paint job, they faded very quickly to a light pink.