Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Making Progress

I was able to frame and put up drywall for the first 8 feet of my wall.  The wall is about 23 feet long so am one third of the way.  The next few feet are a bit trickier, I have to reroute the plumbing for my sump pump, plus move all the stuff that is jammed into that section of the basement.  Once I get the walls done, I will build sectional selves that will hold the layout pus all my stuff to open up the room. I need it to be a multi-purpose room for band practices as well as layout use as both my children are musicians.
Basic 2/4 framing.

Mold resistant Dry wall.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Starting to Finish the Walls

I have decided it was time to finish the balance of the basement.  This will allow me to make it warmer and drier in the upcoming fall and winter.   There is also a break in the crazy hot and humid weather in the Northeast so doing this work is much more comfortable.  So far I have cleaned out the area I need to get to and have glued foam insulation.  I will be framing and hanging drywall about 12 feet tonight.  that will be about half the wall, I then can move stuff around and do the balance of the wall.  I will build selves that will hold the lay out and store all of the stuff I am currently moving around. 
Here is the beginning, about 14 feet of foam.