Tuesday, March 31, 2020

New Power

While I am still going to work everyday, evenings and weekends are very open. I am getting more projects completed.  First up is an RS-3.  I picked up an Athearn shell in NH green and orange off of eBay.  I mounted it on an Atlas drive and installed a TCS Wow decoder with sound. I weathered it with oil washes an Pan Pastels

Next up are two RS-11's.  One is an upgraded Atlas and the other is a Rapido. I also weathered them with Pan Pastels.

The Atlas unit turned out nice, but is not a match detail wise to the Rapido model.

I hope everybody is doing well and staying safe.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Duke's Diner

This is the basic parts of Duke's Diner.  The Cast Resin body I found on line, the base I built out of sheet styrene and the stairs that are from a Walthers kit I had kicking around.  I used N Scale Architect brick sheet to wrap the base and stairs.

Here it is with silver paint on the body and brick that is a bit too bright.  I covered some of the windows for the "kitchen" area of the diner. I do need to remove the cross piece in the front left window to match the prototype.  I do need make the sign for the roof and add glass.

Here is the real on in 1958.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Plainfield Fright House

This is  photo By George Melvin from December 12, 1972.  I have never seen another photo of this fright house in Plainfield, CT.  If anybody has any, I would love the see them.

Plainfield, CT December 12, 1972, Photo by George Melvin