Thursday, June 28, 2018


On Monday Rapido announced they are producing Alco RS-11 in many variations: NH, PC, CR and LV are all in the first run among others.  They are also producing the MLW RS-18 and Tempo passenger train.  Both CN and CP RS-18's often made into New England on the Central Vermont and the CP lines.  All the locomotives will have the correct details for each railroad.

Of course I am only two detail parts away from finishing my Atlas RS-11.

Nearly complete Atlas RS-11

I need to add drop steps and the brake chain guides.  I have already modified the cab window on the fireman side, added Hancock air whistles, steam generator vent and stack, train control box with the extended walkway over it.  I have also used modified an Atlas fuel tank form and Atlas RS4/5.  I may also replace the actual handrails with brass wire as the Atlas ones are very clunky.  I would retain the Atlas stanchions.  I only need one or two for the layout so I am on the fence on ordering one of those lovely Rapido units.

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  1. Of COURSE You need the Rapido units. Just finish yours first and we'll get on it... ;>)