Sunday, March 18, 2018

Rapido Parlors

The newest release from Rapido are the New Haven 300 and 400 series Parlors.  Because the New Haven used the same exterior arrangement, only the interior is different.  The named versions of the cars come with interior pieces to do both kinds of cars as well as all the various length name boards. If I had though more about it , I would have picked up only unnamed cars only, giving me extra interior parts to upgrade other cars. As you can see from the photos, the interior details are very nice.  The only negative is the lighting bar is not wired in and there are no directions on where the capacitor wires.  I may take another car apart to see how it goes, as I have to add shades to them anyway.

This is a full 36 seat parlor

This is the other side.

Here is the interior of what will be Parlor Car New Haven.  The NH had 5
Parlors with this arrangement.

Here is  close up up of the interior parts, They are done very nicely.

This shows the side with out the name board applied.

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