Sunday, February 3, 2019

Duke's Diner

A couple of years ago at the New England Prototype Meet, I picked up the following photo from Bob's Photos.  

Per the information supplied with the photo, it was taken in April of 1957.  Behind the 44 tonner is the Passenger station.  The diner is just south of the station.  The track the 44 tonner is on, I believe, is the bulk (team) track.  The track continuing south out of the bottom of the picture leads to the Central Vermont and a few other customers.  The main line is to the right behind the parked cars.  The 44 tonner is of interest as it is number 0811 and in McGinnis paint.  This is not the one that I have seen in the NH engine assignment books or any photos.  Bachmann actually has the unit in this paint and number. 

 I have since found a couple of more photos from the web and Facebook.

This photo you is dated 1940 and shows the diner being installed.  You can also see the bridge carrying the mainline in the background.  The diner it self is made from a Briney safety car. It was introduced to be operated with only one crew member, the operator, to reduce the costs of operations.  The diner its self I am told via Facebook, only had a counter, no tables.  I am sure it was a squeeze to get many people into it.  It looks like the "kitchen"was set up in one end with the blanked out window.  

This last photo came from Facebook, a Norwich CT photo page.  It is nicely decorated for Christmas.  It also looks like the brick foundation is in its natural, unpainted state.

I was originally going to find an inexpensive single truck trolley shell and just use that a basis for building the diner, as my version of Norwich is freelanced.  But the more info I find, plus the additional photos, I want to get the correct model to build it.  Ken Kidder made them in brass along with some others.  Bachmann make one in plastic with DCC drive.  I am watching for a complete body for a reasonable price.  I certainly do not need a drive.  I am also looking for a photo of the other side of the diner.

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