Sunday, October 6, 2019

NH 44 Tonner 0811

Another project I have completed is the 44 tonner 0811.  This particular locomotive was assigned to switch Norwich for a number of years.  I have seen photos of it in the green and orange paint in several books and I have a photo of it from Bob's Photos in McGinnis paint.

0811 just south of the Norwich Passenger station in 1057

Randy Hamill has a great write up on all of the New Haven's 44 tonners on his blog: .  He explains how to back date the Bachmann phase IV to Phase III, which is correct for the 0811.  It is unfortunate that the Bachmann red is so dark as it is other wise a decent model of the phase IV.  I used the information from Randy's site to model the 0811, so I will only show a few photos of my project.

Here is the cab with the open stack covers and rail gutters added

This shows the hood hatches and door handles I added.

Here is the finished model with some light weathering.

This is the factory painted model.  Not bad, but not great either.

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