Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Watch Hill

 I have finally finished my New Haven observation. Watch Hill. I have worked on and off on this project so long, carbon dating may be the most accurate way to measure time. I had at one time one of the observations made by SOHO, but I was never happy with it, the logo panels were over size and the fluting was awful among other things. I did paint it and ended up selling it on eBay and shipping to Denmark of all places. This project is what I like to call a multi media kit. Here is an incomplete list of parts:

Brass cars side by Concord Jct.

Core kit by Eastern Car works. The kit included an extra section of roof ad floor to spice into the normal roof and floor to create the observation end. 

41-BNO trucks from Train Station Products with Branchline wheel sets.

Roof Vents and under body details by Custom finishing plus additional underbody details from Eastern Car works.

Couplers from Kadee.

Strip Styrene and clear plastic from Evergreen.

Diaphragms from IHC and American Limited.  (different ones on each end)

Red paint is Testors Hemi Orange

Mica Silver and flat black from Tamiya.

Decals from Micoscale.

The interior was 3D printed from a friend who will reman nameless to protect the guilty. 

The 3D printed interior glued to the core floor. 

I painted the interior with common craft paints.

A friend asked me how my project was doing and I said,
almost done, just have to put it together!

Here it the basic under body detail.  Rapido has me beat. 

This would have been the way to watch the crew races on the Thames.  
Just waiting to add the sides.

Here is my car next to a Rapido Coach

Drone view.

Vestibule End.

The other end.

The non bar side of the car

Serving drinks mid-train

The bar (money making) side of the car

I did send photos to Rapido telling them it is safe to start planning a run of these car snow that I have completed mine.