Saturday, February 11, 2017


After having the layout sit forlorn for a number of months, I have cleaned it up, fixed the track work, wired it, so it now functional.  I still have a couple of industrial sidings that need to be laid as well as the south end staging yard.  Here are some photos going from north to south.

This is Atlantic Packaging an a roofless tower.  The the left if the north end staging yard.

The next shot is the fuel dealer.

Here is the station and the Worcester to New London RDC.  I am using Windsor Station here.

Here is the beginning of the small yard plus the team track.

The south end of Norwich.  I am very fortunate to have John Pryke's small Boston scene from his original layout. 

 I can run some trains and do some switching.  Next I can start on some scenery. 

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