Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Norwich 1948

I found this photo of Norwich from 1948, 10 years before my period.  It is looking southward, the main line goes off toward the left about half way up, towards Groton and the shoreline.  Running off the left above the nain is the line that interchanges with the Central Vermont.  From what I read there was also a couple of packing houses and a scrap dealer on that track.  In the photo you can see a bulk track (team track) just above the station.  At this point in time Norwich has no passenger service, so it appears that it is also being used as either a bulk track or cars for interchange with the CV.  the the left (east) of the station, you can see the remains of the old roundhouse and turntable.  the only thing left is the water tower.

While my current version of Norwich is very much freelanced, I have made a couple of changes to it based on this photo.   I had the bulk track that is just south of the station, but no interchange track.  I have rearranged the track on my version of Norwich to more closely match the layout here.  The yard at the real Norwich, it is south just over the bridge and under the tunnel to the south. On my layout a small yard will be on the est side of the main, across from the station.
While the changes I made are minor, it adds more operations to Norwich and at least make it a tad closer to the prototype.

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