Sunday, December 16, 2018

Revising Norwich Track Work

While I am only freelancing the city of Norwich, CT, I have made the track lay out a bit more prototypical as well as more functional.  I added  track to represent the Central Vermont interchange and moved the switch to the bulk track.  I also created a switch lead for the small yard and created a single arrival/departure track.  The photos will show things better.  
North is to the left in this photo.  The track at the bottom of the photo is the bulk track ad the track it connects to i the Central Vermont interchange.  You can see the yard lead as well.
This photo is looking north, the station is on upper left hand side of the photo.  The RDC is n the siding, the main line is the center track and the yard lead is on the right.  The yard lead will also go down to mill as well.  The track work to the lower right leads to the yard.

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