Sunday, September 29, 2019

Low Hanging Fruit

As you can tell, I have been doing work on my layout room.  I have been making good time with it and have been happy with the progress.  The room has not only to hold my layout, it is also my model workshop, regular tool storage and also rehearsal space for multiple small bands.  Both of my sons are musicians and are in different bands that rehears here.  I am also working on being able to record them as well.  One is a drummer, so it always is easier to have rehearsals here, the other is a trombone player.  Both also play around with other instruments as well.

Work on the basement came to a halt this week as my new home heating supplier informed me my oil line from the oil tank to the furnace is not up to code and they will not deliver until it is replaced.  The current line is bare copper, not the plastic coated copper and the ends are not flared at the joints.  So the good news is it is not a huge expense as it is not a great distance, but I have to move all the crap stuff that is stored over and near where the line runs.  So all the stuff has been moved out of that section of that basement, into the nice clean and refinished section.  Fortuitously this will only happen for a couple of weeks until they come and fix it.  In the mean time I have been looking throw some old unfinished projects and have been able to finish them up.

New Haven Railroad 44 Tonner 0811 s it appeared in 1958.  I finally gave it a
light amount of weather it it, as well as the box car behind it using Pan Pastels.

12-1 Pullman Israel Putnam.  This Branchline kit was about 2/3 complete
 sitting in a box. I do still need to add window shades and some light
weathering, particularly on the underframe.

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