Monday, October 12, 2020


I have been working on my 1978 locomotives over the last few weeks.  First was adding DCC to several locomotives, then adding details and additional decals as needed.

First up is a former Reading C630.  This is a Bowser Executive line C630 and I really could not find anything to add to the locomotive.  I did an overspray of dull coat to flatten the finish.  I then did an oil wash to highlight lies and grills.  I than used Pan Pastels to to the balance of the weathering.

This is one of Conrail's 10 C30-7.  It is and older Atlas model that I added a plow, antenna and train control box.  I weathered it the same as the C630.

 The Amtrak F40ph is from Rapido.  Agian I could not find any thing to add detail wise.  Weathered with Pan Pastels only, it represents a fairly new, well maintained locomotive.

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  1. Your weathering is really well done - especially on those Conrail engines, the grime is very realistic!