Saturday, January 1, 2022

Happy New Year

I have been absent for over a year on my blog, there have been a number of reasons, some good and some bad, but I am back.  I am actually making a couple of hobby resolutions:

1.  Spend more time on my hobbies.  Even a few minutes is a enough time to accomplish things.  

2.  Finish projects before starting new ones.  I know I will not be 100% on this, but I hope I can finish up some more projects.

3.  Post more often.  It has been about 14 months since my last one, so I should accomplish this one with out too much trouble.

Now that I have said what I hope to do, I can say I have not done much of anything in the last year other than picking up a few models and books.  We have been doing a lot of work on out house and the basement where both my layout and workbench are located has been filled with construction material, tools and furniture.  We have finally finished up the final project and I can get back to molding again.

Before Construction

After Construction

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