Monday, January 31, 2022

The Springfield Show

The 2022 show was this past weekend and there was a lot of things going against it.  The never ending Covid kept a number of groups from displaying and attending and a literal blizzard hit the New England on Saturday. Hopefully the organizers were able to cover costs.  It was nice to see people I have not seen in a couple of years.

There were a number of modular layouts.

There is a dinosaur show coming in a week or two.

The new GP-30 in HO coming from Scale Trains
B&M Diner from Bethlehem Car Works.  I Picked up the New Haven version of it.

B&M Baggage rebuilt from a Pullman Heavyweight Sleeper also from BCW.

Here are the RS-3's from Bowser.  The look fantastic.  They have lots a versions coming along in the future, including rebuilt and chopped nose units.

Here is an N scale Stone's trailer from Eastern Coast Models.  We need to convince them to make them in HO scale.

Here is ECM State of Maine in HO.  The car looks fantastic. 

 Here are a few things that came home with me

Here is the NH Diner Kit, the sides and many of the details are 3D printed, making it possible to make a very accurate kit.

This is the New decal sheet from the Penn Central historical Association.  It is for trailers and vehicles  and is huge.  You can get it from there web site.

This is the N-7 caboose from Tangent.  It is a beautiful caboose.

I also picked up a Tangent combination door PS-1.  I love how the paint the roofs.

I also found a very nice Rapido meat reefer.

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