Friday, November 10, 2023

U25-b, C-425 and Detail vs Accuracy

I was able to pick up one of the new Rapido U25-b locomotives.  The good news is it seems to be dead on to the NH's first 10 unis wit the large single window pane and the handrails mounted to the top of the walkways. When I received it a month or more ago, all the details were attached and it sounded great, but would not move. I sent it back to Rapido and they made repairs. Turns out the front truck pin had been sheared off and they replaced the frame. I have it back and it runs great. 

Typical packaging used by manufactures today

This is an Atlas C-425. 

The Atlas C-425 is a very nice model, not to the detail level of the Rapido model, but not so much that it does not look good with it. Now while both models are nicely detailed, the Atlas model is not 100% accurate. I choose to not remove the dynamic brakes from this model. I had planned to fill the side vents high up on the car body and remove the hatches off the rood, then fill and sand a patch pat the area and weather it all to blend it together. Now I know I will not be the only one who will notice, but I have a model ready to use on the lay out or at the club, instead of a box of parts. Changes I did make was to put the correct air hors on above the headlight and remove the fuel tank bulges from the fuel tanks. In full discloser, I built the fuel tanks i the 1980's when Atlas first released the C-425.  I was not happy with my modeling and paint job on the early models and I bought the decorated shells off of eBay.  I think the models look great together and am glad wit the route I took to get a model complete. 

Here is a quick video of the two models.


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