Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Visting Bob Murph's Fantatstic New Haven Raiload Layout.

Back in September in conjunction with the New Haven Railroad Historical and Technical Association annual reunion, I had the opportunity to visit Bob Murphy's beautifully done model railroad. The layout is operated based on the Norwich and Worchester line of the NHRR, but is scenery in a more generic New England, just using real location names. This is not a criticism as the layout looks fatalistic, operates flawlessly and is very comfortable.  The last is an odd statement, but the aisles are wide, there is carpet on the floor. the sound equipped locomotive are not too loud, making it a nice place to just sit at watch the trains go buy and visit with fellow molders. I am just going to show a bunch of phots to show of his great work.


Bob was also a most gracious host, I hope to have more opportunities to visit his layout. 

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