Saturday, March 25, 2017

Cleaning up and finishing projects

The usable space on my work bench as continually was getting smaller and smaller.  I had to clean up and I now have room to work.  I have also dug out a lot of models that I need to build or get rid of as well.  I have decided to work on trio of ALCo’, two RS-3’s and an RS-11.  The RS-11 s a rebuild of one I built when I was in collage back in the late 1980’s.  When I originally built it, I did a decent job, but I did not modify the windows fuel tank, nor add the train control box.  I also used the in correct decals, using the extra serif ones made for the GP-9’s.   I was able to new shells for the hood and cab as well as grab irons from Atlas.  This time I did make the modifications to the cab windows  and add the  the train control box.  I also modified the fuel tank.

Here is the Atlas shell with Custom Finishing steam generator added
along with the Atlas grab irons.

The fuel tank is from an Atlas RSD4/5.  I then dded bits of styrene to ends to
create the tank used by the New Haven.
Here is the unmodified cab with a line showing where i plan to
extend the window

This shows the modified cab window.  I just eye balled the open from photos.
This also shows the train control box from Details Associates.I built the
 walkway from .010 styrene.

Here is the location of the factory applied air horn that needs to be filled and

Here are the two RS-3 I am working on, more info in the near future.

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