Friday, March 3, 2017

Needing Power

I get the layout running and all of a sudden I need locomotives.  I have plenty of locomotives, most nicely painted and detailed.  I am scrambling to get decoders into locomotives now.  I have looked at the new Locsound units and the full throttle features and they do look great (or is it sound great?).  That being said I am not completely sold on sound.   I do have a few factory installed sound equipped locomotives, an FL-9 and RDC from Rapido and a GP-9 from Athearn.  At a cost of roughly $100 per unit, that is more than I really want to spend right now.  I have a few older Digitrax decoders and that is what I will be using.  Overtime I may upgrade to have more locomotives with sound. 

I also find that I really have more locomotives then I really need, so I may list them on a separate tab on my blog as I decide to which ones to sell of.

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