Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Conrail N8A Caboose

For a change of pace I have decide to build a caboose to go along with the RS-3m that I am building. Penn Central converted a group of New Haven RR NE-5 and NE-6 cabooses into bay window cabooses.  Both rebuilds were lumped together into the N8A class. I choose to use an Atlas NE-6 for the conversion.  They are very easy to disassemble as nothing is glued.  I had an undecorated one so it is an easy start.

Former NH NE-5 Caboose, both side windows sealed and no roof walk.

Another former NH NE-5, one window sealed.

Former NH NE-6.  The side with out the smoke jack has an access door along the
bottom of the car body side near the bay window.  It uses EMD style door latches.

Here is the smoke jack side of the caboose. Note the vents added to the sides. 
The window to the left of the door on each end is also sealed.

Here is the Atlas NE-6.  I have removed the awning over the window on the right as
well as the sill that goes around the window.  I do need to clean up the bay opening.

Here is the end with the one window sealed.

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  1. I had no idea Conrail was still using modified NH NE-5 and NE-6 cabooses. I guess I've been too focused on my selected 1953 time period.