Saturday, April 8, 2017

Conrail N8a Caboose, Part 2

I have done some more work and rework on my Conrail N8a.  I was not happy with how the bay windows looked and rebuilt them.  A not on how I work on building models.  On this project I am not aware of any drawings of the rebuilt cabooses.  I simply estimated the size and position of the bay windows and used sizes of commercially available strip styrene.  I use a set of calipers to measure distance between things and transfer that to the styrene.  I don not actually use a ruler to measure the item.

I added two strip of .040 x .100 styrene wit the ends cut a a 45 degree angle.
Note the access hatch to the lower right of the bay window, I made this by simply
gluing some narrow strips to the car body.  The latches are made the same way. 

I have added a window frame made from .010 x .100 styrene.
Here is how I made the end sections on the bay windows.  I cut the top pf them
at a 30 degree angle and then drilled two holes for the top and bottom of the
window.  I then cutout the material in the middle to create the window opening.

I have added the top of the bay window this is from a .010 x .125 strip of
styrene, the ends at a 45 degree angle.
Here is the the other side.
I am know waiting for some Detail Associates rectangular vents to finish up the model.  It is a fairly easy kitbash and make a very distinctive model.

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