Tuesday, January 16, 2018


The cold temperatures have made it quite uncomfortable to work in the basement for any length of time.  The one reprieve we have had I used to get all the outdoor Christmas decorations taken down and put away.  I also used the time to place a few odds and ends on Craigslist (non-railroad items) to continue to clean excess out of the basement.

I also enjoy photography and am getting into post processing of images.  I have started learning to use Adobe Light Room.  It is not only useful for making adjustment to images, it also helps create a way to tag the images with information such as names, locations and quality of the image and so on.  GPS information can be recorded here if you have a cameras so equipped.  I also have a scanner to bring in many older, analog images.  I built a small work station to make working simpler, and to keep material from getting scattered around my dinning or living room.  I used an old table I have from the old apartment living and added casters to the wheels so I can roll it around the basement to keep it out of the way.  I us a lap top, so I use an older but nice external monitor, as size does matter when working on images.  The scanner is an Epson V600, it can scan prints, negatives and transparences.  I added a keyboard and a mouse and I have a nice post processing work station.  The real nice part is I already had all the bits and pieces, other than the casters.

Here is my "Digital Darkroom"


  1. Nice looking setup! I may be coming to you for some photo backdrop work >:^)

  2. I am working on improving my skills to do backdrops for my self as well. I am also starting to play around with video as well.