Saturday, July 15, 2023

8-5 Pullman Roof

I am not sure if the set of sides I am working on to create the 8-5 are from The NKP Car Company or another source.  I have two more complete 8-5 kits from NKP and they include very nice resin cat roofs that are very accurate. If this was not only car I was building I may have used the Bachmann roof, which is in the ball park but not perfect.  The biggest issue in on the aisle side of the car, the A/C duct work is about 50 percent to long.  It should only be about one third of the length of the roof.  I am using a branch line roof from a 6-3, which has an A/C vent only on the bedroom side, very close to the 8-5 roof, and I used New England Rail Service A/C vent material to create the short A/C duct on the Ailes side of the car;  One thins I had to do was remove the Garland vents that would interfere with the NERS duct material.  By carefully using a chisel style blade, the vents can be removed and reused. Two need to be added to this car and save the rest for other projects. 

Duct work in place.

Overall view of the roof

Garland Vents carved of Branchline roof

Bethlehem Car Works carries all the various individual part for Branchline kits, they are a great source for complete kits and any parts you may need for kitbashing projects. 

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