Sunday, July 16, 2023

8-5 Sides (Clover Glade)

I was able to pain the sides and ends of the end of the core kit Pullman green. I used Tru-Color brand paint and am very happy with the color. It leaves a nice gloss finish to be able to decal the car. I used a set of Delux gold Union Pacific Pullman car delas from Microscale. The set includes several large "PULLMAN" names and a lot of car names. I
was able to find a "CLOVER" and "GLEN" to build he name very simply. After the decals were properly set, I gave the sides a light coat of Testors Dullcote to tone down the gloss. After it is dry, I add the window glass, railings for the aisles and window shades.
I used the prims glass from a branch line kit for the bathroom windows.  On the one next to the vestibule, make sure to us the one with the space for the car assignment number. 

I used brass wire for the hand rails in the aisle.
I use a green hanging file to make the shades.  I generally keep the aisle ones a the same level, but very the rest in the sections and bedrooms.
Here are the completed sides. 
I started to apply the sides.  I work my way down using ACC to adhere the side to the core.

Another view

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