Monday, August 21, 2023

Concord, NH 37th Annual Train Show

I got a call from my friend Bear to see if I wanted to go to the Concord, NH train show.  Since they have moved the show from September to August, I have not made it much. It is held in a municipal ice arena, so it is a decant size, had a good crowd and was very busy. It was a typical mix of local dealers, privet individuals selling things, and a few clubs with layouts. Through it all I came up with a couple of purchases. First a bit of a beat-up Rivarossi 10-6 sleeper, is going to acquire a set of Brass Car Sides I have had for longer time than I care to mention. The second purchase is much more exciting, a Boston and Maine wood caboose resin kit made by Train and Trooper in Maine.  These are tough to find these days and I was very happy to stumble upon it.

Pro Tip

As my friend Chris Adams of the Valley Local blog, I have a pro tip for you, when you buy detail parts write on them if you purchased them for a particular project, in this case, D&H PA's.  I have a knack of not putting them with the project then days (or years) later I am trying to figure out why I own them.

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