Friday, August 25, 2023

New Franklin

The New Haven Railroad had exactly one 14 section sleeper, the New Franklin. Do not confuse the 14 single bedroom cars that the New Haven had 10 after the Pullman divesture of heavyweight cars. The New Franklin was repainted by Pullman into the then current paint scheme of two-tone gray with white (or aluminum) stripes and lettering in early 1955. Prior to that it was in Pullman green. The car was listed available up to September 1962, making it the last NH owed heavyweight sleeper active on the roster.  Both Walthers and Branchline make the correct 14 section model and I believe both have released the car in NH lettering but in green, never two-tone gray.  Another request to manufactures, how about painted, but unlettered Pullman cars in both Pullman Green and the two-tone gray with stripes so we can just add the names we need?  Anyway, I decided I wanted one for my Bar Harbor Express, so I used a Branchline kit that I painted using a couple of custom mixed paints to get the grays. Decals are a mix if Microscale striping and NH lettering plus names from a Bethlehem Car Works decal set. The car were constructed per the kit instructions, I did add window shaded and railings where needed.  

Pro Tip

I just recently learned the pest way to hide decal film is after applying the decals to spray the car with gloss coat and any film literally disappears.  After that you can over coat with a dull and do your weathering.  I found that out form Hunter Hughson and his website:

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