Wednesday, August 2, 2023


Tuesday, August 1 was a perfect day, so my wife, my son and I went up to the White Mountains to do a little hiking.  On the way home I drove through Tilton, NH and discovered what I believe is a New Haven Railroad DS wood boxcar.  Here are some quick photos of the car and two from internet to compare it.

The NH started building these cars in 1926 and received more the 12,500.  As built the cars had arch bar trucks, wood ends and wood doors.  Many cars were rebuilt over time getting any combination of new ends, doors and trucks. The cars were done in revenue service by 1951, but a number survived in MOW service on the NH.  The car in Tilton appears to have new ends and the original doors.  It also has arch bar trucks, but the more modern trucks may have been taken off the car when it was retired to use on other equipment. There was a a multi part article on these cars in Mainline Modeler years ago that has been reprinted in the NHRHTA's Shoreliner.  F&C has a nice one piece kit with the different variations in HO scale.  

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