Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Fun Project

My youngest son is working on his Master's at Syracuse University, so I built the following car. I rebuilt an old Rivarossi 12-1 into a 12-2 a while ago but I never finished it. 12-2 Pullmans use the University suffix, I already have Valparaiso University, used on the B&M so I need a good name for this car. I thought Syracuse would work well. Unfortunately there was no real Syracuse University name used by Pullman, but that did not stop me. Fortunately for me there was a City of Syracuse and I had the decals for that name making lettering much easier. I modified the car, including eliminating the vestibule on one end by using New England Rail services parts, the same for the roof a/c duct work.  I used a mix of NERS parts and Branchline parts for the underframe and Branchline parts for the interior.  The trucks are original Rivarossi with Kadee wheel sets. I body mounted Kadee couplers.

Here is Syracuse University next to the NH's New Franklin.
The upgraded Rivarossi holds up well with the Branchline kit.

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